In 2014 Happy Day, in partnership over ten non-profits, launched a Holistic U.S. Job Readiness Training Program with a commitment to provide women with barriers to employment (refugee status, domestic violence, homelessness, welfare dependency) stepping-stones to move from dependency to self-sufficiency in a safe, supportive and loving environment. Our program has been recognized by the U.S. State Department of Refugees and Immigration as well as the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as one of the most innovative programs in the country. 

Through our multifaceted and holistic three-month program, we work with each trainee to create a pathway to empowerment through the following: transitional part-time employment, vital enrichment opportunities, education, mentoring and teaching daily hands-on job training skills in a social enterprise environment.

The women enrolled in the program face enormous challenges, both personally and economically, to finding and retaining the meaningful employment necessary to breaking the cycle of poverty. We are committed to ending that cycle by helping to stabilize the lives of every woman in our program and providing the skills and support needed to enter into entry-level positions, upwardly-mobile employment, as well as educational pathways.

Since the launch of our Job Readiness Training Program in January 2014, we have successfully graduated over 450 women from 10 different countries. Over 97% graduated the program and approximately 82% were successfully placed in full or part-time employment through our "Community Employee Partners." Our Job Readiness Training Program to date has logged over 115,000 paid on the job training hours and workplace readiness skills, taught over 24,000 hours of ESL classes on-site, and over 5,000 hours of supplemental education and emotional readiness (financial literacy, art and music therapy, group counseling, and other enrichment programs). In addition, over 7,800 hours have been logged by over 950 incredible and generous volunteers.


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