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Rather than creating dependency on aid, Full Circle Exchange takes a market-based approach to alleviate poverty by advancing entrepreneurial solutions rooted in the dignity and creative capacity of the individual. Our programs provide long-term economic solutions for the world's most marginalized and impoverished communities.


Through an innovative model we are empowering women and whole communities. Instead of viewing the poor or disadvantaged as recipients of charity, Full Circle Exchange acknowledges them as agents of change with dignity, capacity, and creativity. It means viewing the poor as partners and joining together with them in networks of productivity and exchange. The kind of dignity that says, “I matter, I have purpose, somebody values my services, somebody values my life.”

By focusing on poverty reduction through job readiness training, job creation, improved incomes, education, and access to global markets, we believe that, when equipped with the proper resources, individuals have the power to help lift whole families and entire communities out of poverty.


In the last 24 months, Full Circle Exchange has trained and employed over 7,000 women, impacting over 100,000 lives around the globe. Our program is the subject of an Oxford University (Saïd Business School) study to evaluate and research our "economic empowerment" model.

Our global program works to empower women at risk in Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, the Philippines, India, Haiti, Peru, and other parts of the world, by working alongside women artisans in underprivileged communities and empowering them to rise above poverty.

Want to learn more about how you can partner with us to change the lives of women around the world?

Please send us an email info@happydaybrands.com


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