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Meet our gluten free high protein pasta

At Happy Day Brands we believe in eating good and doing good. Here’s your new go to plant-based protein pasta made from lentil, rice, quinoa, and beets. It’s perfect for your active lifestyle. High in protein (20g) and fiber, this pasta is also the perfect low carb alternative to traditional pasta. Our pasta is certified gluten free, organic, vegan, kosher and produced in our dedicated allergen-friendly facility. Our innovative recipe makes for the perfect pasta...we’re talking taste and texture that you’d expect from a forkful of traditional pasta…and your belly will thank you.
Ingredients & Allergens
Lentil*, rice*, quinoa*, beet*

*Certified Organic and Gluten Free.
Allergens: None.
Manufactured in a dedicated gluten free, allergen-friendly facility.
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Every Happy Day product you purchase provides meals to those in need through our “BUY ONE, GIVE ONE” campaign in partnership with our Feeding America network of food banks. We have provided over 5 million meals in 2021.
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